Welcome to the Spring of the World




This is the long-awaited Time of Humanity - rising up ~ in unity, strength and daring vision ~ to reclaim our world and our lives, to protect and uphold our fundamental rights, and to co-create through direct democratic process a world that works for all.



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The Global Spring is the name given to the popular uprising of humanity ~ as a unified whole, acting in concert, in global solidarity.  It is the building of a tsunami of authentic human aspiration, expressed as a global front of vocal popular discontent with injustice and corruption.  From country to country, we are inspiring each other to stand up.





People everywhere are pointing out the obvious : the politico-economic system of disaster capitalism utterly fails to meet our basic needs and rights.  In one great, all powerful voice, we are rejecting corruption, the power of banks and corporations over our governments, endless wars that target civilians, and the brutal suppression of our dissent.  We are calling for Real Democracy Now.  We are looking forward to a world of justice, peace, responsible environmental stewardship, a world that supports the freedom, dignity, happiness and fulfillment of all.

The Global Spring is a season of Global Actions and the proliferation of Popular Assemblies.  It is a time of sewing seeds.





We are the People and ~ obviously ~ we are not going away.  This leaderless movement of authentic humanity asks everyone to support the cause of our common good.  

This is Direct Democracy - transparent and participatory : all are called to join us in our Global Action Days, our Demonstrations, the Reclaiming of our Public Spaces, our Strikes and Protests.  Join us in our People's Assemblies ~ as we craft together our way forward, to the world we all want to live in.

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